Think back to the time when you first saw fireworks.                     

the sky lit up with explosions of color.

picture yourself staring into the eyes of you as a child . . . the glow from the light shining into your pupils to form two little moons.

this feeling is and has always been within you.

and now in this moment, you have the opportunity to be with it, to be mindful.

choose to see through a magic lens.

discover your truth.

:::: ::::

Back in 2015, my father passed away from an unexpected heart attack. 

It took me by surprise to the point where I decided to move back to New York, and spend time taking care of my mother and sisters.

I've been through struggles, like the time where I survived a 40mph moving car crash into me. I leaped in front of it to save my mini dachshund, Polka Dot, from being crushed.

But there was nothing like this.

Torment, agony, tears.

My ability to come out of the shock was tough. Even more, seeing my family and trying to be strong for them was tougher. 

When I moved back to Los Angeles, I noticed this difference in my life. I was breaking through mental barriers that I had long forgotten about.

This suppression of deep emotion that once laid unrested was beginning to shake up to the surface.

It caused a lot more pain, but each time I saw it, I embraced it for what it was.

Healing energy.

Inspired by a book called "Hello Sacred Life" by Kim Krans, I never thought that a snowboard trip with my uncle would lead me to a path in discovering my cousin's art.

Michaela's work sang to me, and the idea for what is now "UNKNOWN", had me go to the extent of convincing my friend Chris to get involved.

Mindfulness isn't about sitting still.

You should be in it. With your whole heart. 

~ Curator and Author, Stephen Wawryk